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Compressed air and Tesla

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    Compressed air and Tesla

    I was listening to the latest Elon Musk interview by Joe Rogan. He said the newest Tesla will have a 2000 psi carbon wrapped compressed air tank. I think its used to push the car onto the pavement and enhance traction when trying to accelerate quickly.
    How do you think that is going to fly with regulations? Do you think the tank will need hydro-tested regularly?

    “Hey, while you are doing the 5 year service on my car, can you hydro the tanks I left in the back seat? Thaaaaanks.”

    Looking for Angel LED single finger trigger. Also splashy mag parts.


      It wasn't actually to push the car down but to propel it and the tanks were 5000psi IIRC. Interesting little bit on the "plaid" version of the Roadster.

      Sounds like it's actually going to be used as a compressed gas thruster like the ones used to maneuver the SpaceX ships. The prototype has basically small rocket engine type nozzles behind the license plate james bond style that will add an additional several hundred pounds of boost by using compressed gas expelled through the nozzles. Pretty rad stuff.


        But that means it will have to have a compressor.....


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          I assumed it was just an energy capture system, like used on buses for 40+ years.


            Originally posted by Hp_lovecraft View Post
            I assumed it was just an energy capture system, like used on buses for 40+ years.
            -That would make sense, except electrics have had regenerative braking for about as long. I can't see the mechanical conversion of compressing the air being more efficient than the direct electrical recharging.

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              Didn't hear anything about an onboard compressor. I'd assume it's probably recharged at a dealership.

              From what I've read it's very much just the electric car version of a nitrous system. Little boost under full acceleration to be used in short bursts to impress friends.


                Those COPVs would be 5k with an onboard compressor. I imagine you'd prefer to run it only when charging. The idea is for instant acceleration and pushing the 0-60 down from 2 towards 1 second. The real party trick is that Elon wants it to be able to hover for a few seconds.


                  Below is an article from 3 years ago.
                  Doc is right, its not a regen system (similar to what buses use).

                  Its a "cold air rocket", using for acceleration and braking.

                  Being how old the article is, I'm guessing the idea did not really go anywhere.
                  I think the idea came up due to the ovevwhelming problem of charging electric cars. The logistics have still never really been solved, and it is currently considered the main stumbling block for widespread EV adoption. But one way to expand range, and reduce charging time, without using any fossile fuels.... is to also fuel up the car with compressed air, and use that as an alternative energy source and still be "green".


                  I can appreciate all the "out of the box" thinking. But I don't see it going anywhere. Kinetic storage systems at least have seen some use.
                  SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced bold plans to combine the technologies of his two biggest companies by placing rocket thrusters on future specialized models of Tesla’s Roadster. The thrusters won’t actually combust, according to Musk; instead, they will expel highly pressurized cold air.