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How many shots does it take to empty a 12 gram?

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    How many shots does it take to empty a 12 gram?

    Ok, so it's not a tootsie pop,

    Click image for larger version  Name:	How-many-licks-does-it-take-to-get-to-the-Tootsie-Roll-center-of-a-Tootsie-Pop.jpg Views:	0 Size:	90.5 KB ID:	99550

    but it has me wondering how many shots this would actually do before it went BRaaaaaappppppp!

    I know it says 3 shots in the description, but I'm thinking we do can do better!!
    I am the admin...

    Plus apparently the owner is constipated... This whole auction makes me chuckle.
    I am the admin...


      well it smells odd maybe it is that small stank he talked about
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        Archived for future laughs.
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          Maybe some exlax would get it up to 5-8 shots?
          Velcor will save us...

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            Good product description always help to sell... but not sure I want to smell that leak

            Here is the item description from ebay in case he change it
            Vintage Tippman paintball gun holds air for only about three shots with the small stank. Also might leak I haven’t shit in a long time.


              feels like a cry for help


                I'm guessing 3 shots.



                  I've been drinking, and that struck my funny bone just right. Thanks, Carter.


                    3-5 is about right, that's what I used to be able to get out of a more or less stock PMI-3 before it'd burp.

                    'Course, I once had a setup with a large TASO expansion chamber, hose and bottomline, and a full 12-gram couldn't fire it once.

                    Just for giggles, we swapped the bucket changer (might have been a Rat Attak, it's been a while) with a Micro-CA, which, of course, had a check valve. We precharged it with one cartridge, then dropped in a second- two cartridges.... gave us 3-5 shots.

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                      When I worked in a sporting goods store in the 90s, we sold those brass eagle stingrays that came shipped with 12g adapters

                      and im still mad at brass eagle over that!

                      we sold thousands of those stingrays. Jokes aside, they were fantastic guns for the price. Brought many people into paintball.

                      but 12grams? Really? About 20% of those stingrays were returned because the owner tried to use them with 12grams... chopping paint until the gun ceased... then returned as “defective”