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2024 mechanical season

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    2024 mechanical season

    Anyone interested in putting together a mechanical team for 2024? Im not familiar with the ICC rules yet but id say VSC & Open class who are ok with the mech division be welcome.

    Im from southeastern Mass,, id be up for playing local & regional events.

    Lots of mech events and teams in the North East area.

    I’m Confused tho you plan to shoot a Stock Class marker and Play ICC? You’re going to want a decent fast shooting mech. Unless you plan on just going in as a novelty team. It’s an open division so it’s likely you will be matching up against several stacked pro teams. It will probably be hard to get a spot. Because it sells out so quickly and they allow teams that placed high enough the previous year first refusal.

    I have played every one. They call it the Pittsburgh Classic now. Still held at the same spot. PSI in Platakill NY hosted the “ICC” but Pittsburgh is ware all the big name teams are playing.

    RIP: Tim D

    Don’t know how far you are from OSG and AG paintball but OSG just put a mounds field in and AG has a sick pipes field and have been running some great events.


      Aww a video of someone using a sniper at a mech event. Then they were in the comments bragging about shooting the pros with their pump LOL. But a pump in a mech event like that would be brutal, let alone a phantom.
      Feedback 3.0


        You got the WCPL and P&L has one coming up as well. But don’t be a hero get an emek.

        Also something to consider is it’s going to be hard finding 10-12 other players that want to throw entry away for bragging rights and BookFace photos. I know I wouldn’t waste my time and I love pump play. Paint bill would be a lot cheaper tho I will give you that.

        Riot is looking to put a team together to play some NE mech events.


        • Tajue17
          Tajue17 commented
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          The pump stuff is just me being social, i know some open players that can ball with electros..

          I understand your point and 10 player's minimum is so true it's almost impossible but how can you put a team together thru social ads and not get people who have all kinds of reasons to play,, many wont hang after the first event but maybe 6-7 will and ya keep going.

        I personally would be shooting a cocker or mech framed electro.. I remember nppl there was a few front players who used pumps one guy i think from Wisconsin had a vsc, they get pretty tight with no loader but you know one of the most dangerous players on a field is the the guy nobody mentions and peeps forget about you real quick when you chill for a bit..

        but im agreeing with you about experienced pro players but seriously most low ranked players could have semi uncapped and they still would get roasted,, and keep this between us but a few pro mech teams already scrim against uncapped electros.

        Every new team is a novelty team the first season unless it's already stacked,, a fun team with people who want to play would be cool, go on the field try to win see how everyone clicks maybe adjust positions.

        think of it like a walk on team but your stuck with everyone for the whole season unless you leave.

        This is for the people that can't find anything though... Im not looking to be a captain just a turd with the herd, 😃


          Not saying you can’t hang. It’s just different in competitive play Vs walk on Rec play. Im the type that only shoots semi when I play 10 man myself. 90% of the summer play days I’m running SC or something stick fed. Hell I will throw a stick feed on an emek a lot of times.

          As for finding people to commit well good luck with that… lol you been around long enough to know that’s not typical in Paintball. If you figure that out I’m all ears..

          The best way to get involved is to show up at your local field ware the mech teams are practicing. Introduce yourself get to know guys and play along side of them. I’m at the point in life I can’t practice every weekend as mush as I want to. But any one of my boys can call me up and I will hunt for them. Most of the time I have to turn teams down because I have other arrangements or events I’m committed to. Social media makes it easier to organize. I just don’t use it anymore for mental health reasons (it’s Brain Cancer).

          I know Ape Gorillaz are always looking for players to fill out rosters. They are out of Albany NY but play all over. Ground Zero has a fairly good organization with various levels of play. OG Hurricanes are playing again, So are OG Iron Men, Horn Section organized by Happy out of P&L. He also plays for the Band a team made up of all OG paintball people that literally built our sport. Some practice, some don’t and just assemble a squad of killers. Key is finding a convenient place to play and with a group of ballers you jive with.

          I have met so many great people in this sport I take for granted how easy it is for me to find people to play with. If you want to play the P&L game Shoot me your info I will pass it along to my boy lil T. He’s assembling a team for it I have prior commitments and can’t play. I guest a lot for teams. Sometimes we eat it, sometimes we get to beat on pro teams and watch them do pushups at event’s because we pull an upset out of our ass on the webcast. (True story lol)

          Just got to get out there. Call up some old buddies who use to play drag em out for the day and show em a good time.

          What are your local fields you frequent? I can let you know the teams that actually go to events you can look to hook up with. Starting one from scratch is going to take some serious time and commitment. Best to join an already established squad get you feet wet. Other thing you can do is just show up to events with your gear. Lots of guys drop out last min. You can often play cheap this way. I have gotten several free play days this way. Any money or prizes won I always forfeit if we win tho if that’s the case.


            Yeah that was the LA Hitman at an NPPL event. They did well and were definitely competitive.

            If you can get enough people for a local 10 Man squad and want to use all open class pumps I’m In. The J2 A/T go Brrrrr… I don’t want to go SC but open class pump I’m down for. I could definitely scratch together some really good experienced pump players for the right event.

            However if Im going all the way to Pittsburgh I’m playing to win / see how far I can get.


              Okay all good everyone thanks for the info,, I'm also near Pnl,,,,, I know a lot of those guys and teams you mentioned and was getting in on those advanced walk on games Alty was setting up but that NE walk-on forum is dead and that new forum they set up seems dead too maybe turning into a local forsale forum.... I guess I'm gonna drop the idea for now and see whats up at some fields maybe talk to some people in person after a few games. I was more hoping there was a pool of players kicking about somewhere to start the idea but sounds like its more of a Hang Around thing now.



              • packersrule729


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                Hit me up and come play at PNL. I’m there all the time and practice 10-man mech with a OC pump

              • Chuck E Ducky

                Chuck E Ducky

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                If you’re close to P&L that’s probably going to be a good start. See when the teams are practicing and show up.

              PnL is the place, Goodie puts on a good event and the BBQ he cooks up is great. As far as teams it's mostly regulars who play on Shotguns and Horns. The scrims before the 10 mans is when most teams play together for practice.


                If I'm still around WV when the Pittsburgh event happens I might try to come up and watch you guys. I can help pit for ya, shout position from the sideline, talk trash to the other teams, and most importantly keep the beer cold for when you're done (or between matches, i dont judge 😂). I'd offer it play but I'm rusty after a long break from pb 👴