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Potential Cocker to Sterling Barrel adapter purchase

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    Potential Cocker to Sterling Barrel adapter purchase

    Look in the Sterling section, but trying to get solid interest from people that would purchase an adapter.

    We need a 100 piece order to move forward. This is not a presale. Just getting names together.

    Thank you in advance... Let's get those old Sterlings running on smaller bore barrels.


    You gunna get try and get that purple people eater shooting properly I take it?

    Don't they come in like 3 different barrel thread types tho?

    You got to try my new Spider threaded one I just picked up from Rusty Brass.


    • Schmitti


      Editing a comment
      I hate you.

      Two barrel threads... Sterling threaded with the loooooong shank and then the Spyder threaded version like you have.

    I looked at it when I had a Sterling, back when.

    Are you looking at a Python insert type thing, or Freak, or picking .675, or what's the plan? I bet an XL insert and a standard Cocker Freak back could work well together.


      I would be down for one, like to use freak back that I already have.