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New VForce Grills Coming Out. Grill 2.0

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    Now seeing real images of it now make it look a bit busy with the vents going in different directions and such. I'm sure colorway other than black will make it look a little better. I think they should ditch those small metal plates too.
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      I like em. I'd like to see a revised profiler myself but all I want them to do is like make the rubber and plastic hollow so its the same thing but lighter weight.


        I got a few fat lips from the first ones but otherwise enjoyed them. I’ll probably give these a try. After a cold weather day with my proflex, the ability to quickly swap in dry foam is a huge turn on


          It looks like they just kept the shape of the old mask and rearranged the vents. More of a face-lift than a new mask.


            Are those soft ears? If they really did simply improve the first design, these could be really great.


              Yeah they added soft ears to it now.
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                Do we know the price point yet? I feel like mask prices have risen exponentially the last bit of time
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                  PBonline has a preorder listed at $114 not sure if that is accurate or not.

                Originally posted by Jonnydread View Post
                Do we know the price point yet? I feel like mask prices have risen exponentially the last bit of time
                man, everything has risen exponentially the last bit of time. It's going to cost me a kidney the next time I have to use a parking garage.

                So... am I the only one thinking that these look really restrictive in terms of vision?
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                  Same lenses as the previous version and I don’t find Grill mask to limit my vision at all. I’ve worn Spectras, Profilers and E-vents and they’ll all pretty close. Been tempted to pick up a pair of Grill 2 for comparison.