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Inception Designs Pressure Testers - 3 versions

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    Inception Designs Pressure Testers - 3 versions

    If you do any tech work yourself and you don't already have a pressure tester, or if you have a janky one, it's time to upgrade.

    Use it to set your output pressure and to check for performance to ensure that the regulator isn't creeping (which can be very bad for a paintball gun and damage seals/solenoids inside the gun).

    Easy "EZ" operation. Simply screw tank or HPR into the bottom of the tester and then close the side lever. Pressure will read on the gauge immediately with your tank. With an HPR you need to turn on the air supply to the HPR. Press the button to release the lever and degas the pressure gauge. Repeat to check for consistency or leave it pressurized and watch the gauge to make sure the pressure isn't slowly increasing (creep).

    Designed to use the minimum amount of air from your tank as possible so you don't waste air/gas while testing and setting up your equipment at home.

    Version 1 - Standard pressures
    EZ Pressure Tester for paintball marker tanks and HPR's outputting up to 1400psi. This is our standard (STD) option.

    Version 2 - Low Pressure
    Compatible with low pressure adapter to check the pressure from low pressure hoses found on guns such as Autocockers and Intimidators to verify LPR performance.

    Version 3 - Autocockers
    Full set for testing Autocockers, that includes the Low Pressure Adapter and a low pressure gauge.

    Extra pressure gauges are also available.

    Pressure gauge style may vary from shown.

    Simon's video is here: