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Anthrax Jersey Ordering

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    Anthrax Jersey Ordering

    Someone had a google doc up at one point but it has yet to re-materialize since the hackening so I got the contact info and order form from Anthrax:

    Thanks for reaching out. Oh no! Sorry to hear mcarterbrown got hacked. There's no link per se, but you've done right to contact us on the jerseys, it's what is normally done. Usually we send an email to the rep on file to make sure that it's an authorized order, just our regular policy. If you'd like to order one, you can fill in the attached order form, and we can check with our rep on file?
    They can be reached at

    I have put the order form on a shared google drive folder

    Here's the style on their website, I have not confirmed availability:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	carter_jersey.jpg
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    I like it, how much is it? And are we doing a big group order or are these ordered directly from them?
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      This is just the ordering info I got from them, if there’s interest in a group order I’m happy to ask them if that’s a possibility I’d imagine they’d be happy to do one, not sure if that falls under the pre-order rules here may have to look into that


        Depending upon price I might be interest, too.
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          I may also take one depending on price.


          • Interl0per
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            Dude when you gonna make some more shims for us

          • aggroman
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            Haha, I’ll get to them one of these days. I have quite a bit of carbon fiber work I need to finish first.

          I'm in for 1, perhaps 2


            I'm in as long as the price isn't stoooopid
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              I just email them on price


                I know at least one of the used previously jersey companies. Would allow individual orders after, the initial design was finished. I'm not really sure if that was Animal, UNDR or somewhere else though.
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                  I heard Multicam is all the rage with the kids now. Perhaps a Hawaiian print in that palette?

                  I'm in for two regardless of the final decision


                    This is the order we placed a while ago, i believe we had the green, an orange design, and the purple design thats in my pic. We had designs out with Anthrax and UNDR (Animal was taken over by UNDR), so if you reach out to UNDR, im sure you can get their info and get a jersey through them as well.
                    Pricing wise, mine is the Anthrax Semi-Pro (no padding unlike the Pro) with an added hood, all in all, i believe mine cost me just around $100 after shipping and everything


                      I'll definitely order a non padded jersey. Dont put me in a group order cause i dont want to hold others up with my broke ass. I like the green jersey beavis posted but other colors are cool. Purple or yellow would be my pick.


                        I want one for sure, dont care about waiting for a group order to get a discount.


                          Here is their response
                          Hi nobbie333 ,

                          Thanks for reaching out! It depends on the jersey type, we have the semi pro at $64, the Spartan at $75, and the Messiah 2K21 or Low Gravity at $107. They're the default prices for our jerseys.

                          If you're ordering past a certain amount then yes, we can apply a discount. Of course, 30 semi pro jerseys would be a different deal from 30 Messiah or Low Gravity. You can mix and match as needed however though, we don't have minimum order quantities for custom items, only for team packs and custom face masks.


                          • nobbie333


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                            If we order 32ish jerseys we can get 10% off

                          I'm in. I'd prefer something not-yellow or orange, mostly for easier hit identification, and not red because blech. Purple or blue would be awesome. A full-on Hawaiian print would be pretty cool too- something along these lines.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	CPXHawaiianLegends1Front.jpg
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                          cellophane's feedback


                          • jbtamu1011


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                            I bought a blue Carter's Commando jersey from Anthrax. It looks great!

                          • ATBen
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                            Like this, but in that other multicam type color way!