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Carters Commando - Jersey Numbers

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    Thanks!!! Waiting to hear back from Anthrax on the color options, but does anyone know if you can get the jersey in a purple colorway?


      Originally posted by Slim View Post
      I'm not sure how Heinous and his banned behind ended up as having number 85, but I've been wearing it for years. Pre-MCB through present...

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Slim_as_cover.jpg Views:	0 Size:	271.5 KB ID:	121106
      Being #86... I know heinous has laid claim for a long time. And clearly you've got some nice evidence as well...

      Slim v. heinous!!!!

      The Ultimate East vs. West Grudge Match Extravaganza Spectacular!!!!
      Dulce et decorum est pro comoedia mori


        Originally posted by Axel View Post
        Slim v. heinous!!!!
        The only thing I know about Heinous is that he used to troll quite often with some intentionally caustic and totally unnecessary posts disguised as "humor" which ruffled a lot of feathers around here. Inevitably, I believe his unwillingness to reign it in even a little is what got him banned from the site. Perhaps he, like many members have done, chose that number because it was the year he was born (casts side eye towards Axle). My number, on the other hand, was chosen because that's the year I started playing paintball. So, I'm thinking "age before beauty" on this one. LOL! The truth is 50 players could have the same number as I have and it wouldn't matter to me in the least. In my mind, the Commando club, along with the numbers, is more about having fun with friends than anything else.


          I'd like to change mine to "0.001" (one thou) and prod the powers that be to get an order going.

          edit: just contacted Anthrax. Hopefully they're still printing them.
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