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Forgive me for I have sinned

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    Originally posted by Chappy View Post
    screwing with people on the radio, this is considered penance.
    This is fact, is highly encouraged.


      Originally posted by Chappy View Post
      Missions are acceptable. Slower is better and if it's the first mission of the day it's encouraged to quit for a beer but overall we're pretty lenient. If you offset a day of hard play with another day of sitting at staging screwing with people on the radio, this is considered penance.
      Boy have I got a funny story about that but it's going to take more time to type up than I have right now

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        I did try to make up for ii by using a double barrelled gun and with late game shenanigans.

        At the end of the game I made the Grinch give me a hug.
        Originally posted by MAr "... Nish deleted it..."

        Originally posted by Axel "coffee-fueled, beer-cooled."
        Originally posted by Carp "Nish's two brain cells"
        Master Jar-Jar


          Big games are great, especially if you show up with buckets full of nades. Theyll call you Sherwin Williams