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    Originally posted by Rusty Brass View Post

    Ahh, the halcyon days of, like, 3 years ago? Simpler times...

    Anyone heard from Tuana lately or is he still doing the hermit thing?
    Got a random text from him a few weeks.

    He is still wandering the land, like Kane from Kung-Fu.


      I know most of you are staying hunkered down for now, but if not I'm playing at the swamp on 10-10


        I know I still haven't met any of you officially, (except Whee for like 5 minutes) but bumping the thread for a roll call.

        Its 2021. Shout out if you're still alive.

        Looking forward to hopefully meeting you all this year. I am planning to try and play at local fields as much as possible. I may keep my distance, but if you see a white Jeep Gladiator with a bunch of pump guns, its me.
        Check out my builds here -


          Oh thank god i have found the Scavengers again. I have been away for so fricking long sense the original site crashed and then Covid. So wanting to paintball again.