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Dark mode and pm chat flakey.

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    Dark mode and pm chat flakey.

    I typically use the normal forum on internet explorer on my phone most of the time. I switched to dark mode this week, and I was enjoying it. But from my phone Im having issues.

    When I recieve a PM, and I clixk the notifucation icon, I get to the PM chat. I scroll down to the last reply and the "text block" you can type in typically. Tge block 8snt selectable at first some of the time. I have gotten around it by clicking the " emojis, or attachments" buttons near the text box, then hitting the back button on the internet.

    Just for grins I switched to oldschool and it seems to have quit. Im not really sure how repeatable itll be, but ill switch bqck to dark and see if my issues persist.

    Anyome else see this?

    Okay, I think its just increased load times. I think I have a few bst. Pms with a lot of pictures. The browers loads the vonversation before itll let me type. In some chats I have to wait 30 seconds to have the type box.

    I dont think its a bug, just lag.