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MCB Downtime Today 12/4 between 4pm and 5pm EST!

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    MCB Downtime Today 12/4 between 4pm and 5pm EST!

    Hi all,

    This is just a reminder that our ISP will be on-site at my office today to replace a faulty Internet router. Downtime will most likely be about 20 minutes I suppose while they re-provision the new device. Sorry about the interruption but it has to be done.


    Postponed until after 5pm EST today.


      Thanks for the heads up, after the big crash it may cause flashback in a few of us without the heads-up 😁
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        This was 2 weeks ago

      For the record, and as a P.S.A., MCB 3.0 is backed up multiple ways daily so even if it were to go offline due to some Internet network issue, total server crash/failure, or even system/site hack, it can be restored any number of ways easily and quickly.

      I know the site isn't as pretty and chock full of historical info as it was prior to the June debacle (this can be remedied only through people dedicating the time to some site re-design and recreating/re-posting old info) but as far as data retention and protection this is not an issue anymore. Sadly, for us all, it would have been great if all these protections were in place on the old site but they weren't and there's just no way to get it back which is a loss for us all!