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Optional toggle switch or box to check, for BST visibility/non-visibility.

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    Optional toggle switch or box to check, for BST visibility/non-visibility.

    Is there a way, to make an option like this? At times, when the funding is low 😒. It's darn near, cruel and unusual punishment, to keep looking at the sale threads. I have bad impulse control skills at times and get things, I don't necessarily need. It's sort of like.. going to the grocery store, when you're hungry. You tend to buy more food, When you're shopping hungry. 😖... I mean, I'm a grown person and all. But, it's still cruel punishment... I enjoy this site so much. I've been on this and it's other dimensions..😏 for over 16 yrs now. Of course, I'll still lurk either way. 😉
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    I like the idea. Yeah.. I'll look for a way. I'm pretty sure you can follow threads and keep them but I get what you're saying.
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    • Carp


      Editing a comment
      It is nice, to see all the "Spice", flowing though...😉

    If the meantime you can hit "subscribe" on the top right of the thread, and on the main page there is a tab for "My Subscriptions" where you can read all of them and follow.
    I am the admin...


      May add a "hide button" and have a h8de list in where we have a subbed list.

      Then he can simply hide the whole bst section, or post.