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Rule clarification please

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    Rule clarification please

    I want to post a thread in the autococker section about a new ram I designed and is being sold by Not Lame Games ( ) I'm not selling it just want to get the word out in the forum maybe answer some questions and direct some traffic to the resellers website. Would that be ok with you mods?

    Also maybe we can bring back the ask a mod section.

    If you want it in the cocker section I would suggest doing a write up with it. Why you designed it the way you did, sales pitch, what it will/won't work on etc.

    Just a link really isn't in the spirit of what that section is for.
    Originally posted by MAr
    ... Nish deleted it...

    Originally posted by Axel "coffee-fueled, beer-cooled."

    Master Jar-Jar