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Well I'm organizing a Halloween game at Weekend Warriors in Olds. It'll be indoors if it's too cold (most likely) and we're trying to change it up with theme games like limited paint and zombie games. I donno if that's any of your guy's bag but it's gonna be happening anyway. And I might as well shamelessly plug an event.

The details:

When: Halloween 4 P.M. - whenever everyone goes home
What: Normal play with special rounds such as limited paint, candy grab games (grab as many different candies as possible, shoot the bastards that are trying to steal yours), zombie games, lazer tag for the youngins that don't wanna take a paintball to the head and hopefully some kind of prize for best costume.
Where: Weekend Warriors Paintball. Just outside of Olds. 45 minutes from Calgary and Red Deer.
How Much: I think it'll be their standard $15 (I think) field fee and FPO.

If anyone nearby wants to help out with set up, props, or you have a smoke machine handy, drop me a line.

I'm sure a metadyne will be stuffed with some kind of candy before the night is through...
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