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Originally Posted by LilShank View Post
If I send a canister how much does it cost to get it converted to a stein?
to be honest,
I don't really know yet.

1) pick up and cross border (might get taxed, not sure)
2) decapitate
3) remove existing finish
4) polish/refinish (anodizing or powder coating, not safe to drink from otherwise)
5) make handles & mounts
6) sit back and laugh about how cool this is.

might get some laser etching done to;
MCB logo's or something.

got some other over the top, I started giggling like an idiot just thinking about them treatments for the Steins.

one actually involves a bucket changer, LPR, ram, valve/switch, and trying to keep a straight face..........
Introducing the "AUTO-STEIN"
push the button and the lid pneumatically opens and closes.
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