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Originally Posted by Inspectorbot View Post
Here is a new concept in Paintball. I have developed a wireless RC Vehicle with a Spider Pilot or "Imagine" Electronic marker mounted to it. The vehicle is a 4WD Electric E Maxx. Of course, it may take some of the fun out of the game, but it also adds another level of interest. With the addition of a camera and a display, You can sit back in some safe location and send this capable little UGV out there to search for and take out your opponents...

I am trying to sell these for $700-$800 There is one listed on E bay now.
Paintball Gun RC Vehicle Stealth Robot Marker Truck Fun - eBay (item 270466505919 end time Oct-11-09 18:30:29 PDT)

Here is a video of it in Action: YouTube - Paintball UGV
So you're that guy? Very cool! I remember seeing these on ebay and my initial thought was; "Cool, but nobody would let you play with it". But thinking about it now you could have some pretty cool scenario's with this guy... Not to mention just some hilarious games

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