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C3 Contest: My Poor Jimmy

I was serving in the Army and stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. My hobbies at the time included fishing and four wheeling.

After a particularly long and tiresome day of soldiering, I decided to stop by a small 9 acre pond to blow off some steam. Do some bass fishing and 4 wheelin' all at the same time. Getting to the pond required travelling "off-road" and my 77 GMC Jimmy was always up to the task.

After about an hour I decided to head home. I was out at the far end of the base and knew there was a dirt trail on the base that turned into asphalt and would get me 2 blocks from my house. The road went through a couple of training areas one of which was home to some hardcore woodsballers.

As I drove through this particular area I heard the sound of the paintball guns, but thought it was a military unit practicing manuevers. I stopped to apologize but was soon confronted by some angry paintballers. The Jimmy had taken a few hits and was determined to be "out" by some of the paintballers. A few minutes later 3 other guys walked up and were wondering what had happened. The leader of the paintball group said "We had to stop. Scott shot that guy in the Jimmy."

We all cracked up and I nearly peed myself because I was laughing so hard.
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