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What you did instead is borderline to THEFT.
Did you bother to read this thread before posting?
Were you at the LIBRIA event at the time that those kids were comming into our HQ?

I'm assuming the answer to both of those questions is NO, because if you had been there then you wouldn't have taken the time to post that drivel.
Sure I could have been a bit more specific about every word that was said durring this incident in my first post, but then I didn't figure I'd be "borderline" accused of theft.

A couple of things I'll point out...

MXS announces at the mandatory player meeting that is held on the 1st morning of the event that barrel plugs are not acceptable and that all players must use a BBD. So these kids either ignored what Pacman said, or just missed the meeting.

At the time that I gave them the BBDs and took the plugs it was understood that it was a straight up trade.

Both kids new that their choices were to either go off the field with their air sources off the markers, have to go and buy a BBD from one of the vendors like Knightscrossing, miss out on play time helping their team, and probably get a ref punch on the way off the field.
They could do a straight up trade with me, stay on the field, and have a BBD that would be acceptable at the field for future events.

I hope that might clear some of your misconceptions up.
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