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Originally Posted by Mr. Jingles View Post
Glad to hear that everyone is alright for the most part.

Sorry I booked it out of their so quick, I thought we would have enough time to make the corn maze/pumpkin picking/hay ride dealy(my punishment for playing ) but we were cutting it kind of close because they place we were heading to closed at 5. luckily we made it in more then enough time so all is good.

Thanks to all who played, as always I have a blast playing against you all, everyone played fair and honest. Thanks to Carter and the others for keeping things in order, and calling the games as well as you did. Congrats to all the teams who played and made this tournament series all it could be!
yep ill live though me and you got into 2 nice little snap battle's
Originally Posted by Looper View Post
Are you allowed to use a warp on an SP-1... won't they revoke your man card...

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