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Stop For The Bus!!!!

What the heck is wrong with people? Each day I put my youngest on the bus and am there when she gets home. I just put her on the bus and something happened that seems to happen almost every time….. a car just drove right by with the bus’ red lights flashing!

If people are so distracted that they can’t see a HUGE YELLOW BUS WITH FLASING RED LIGHTS AND STOP SIGN STICKING OUT THE SIDE, they should not be driving. The bus drivers take the plate numbers down and report them to the police who issue a ticket, but I personally do not think that is enough. Why? Because it is not an every now and again thing, but like I said happens almost every time the bus stops in front of my house. I think people should have to pay a ticket, pay to take a drivers’ education course, AND lost their license for a period of time.

I mean come on… this is about our children. Get a clue drivers!
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