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On that subject. Dont stop for the bus if your on the oposite side of the street and that street has a median of ay least 4 feet wide or 2 feet tall. You'll have to check your local laws on that however. JUst one of those things that drives me nuts. Im on a 4 lane road, with 10 foot wide medain and some knucklehead stops (normally in a panic) when he need not to and the rest of us have to stop ( and I just know thast one day someones going to smack right into the back of my company van in this situation) The sad part is that every year at the start of the school season there are commercials explaining the laws on school busses. For those wondering, one of the reasons why (in my area at least) are not required to stop on the opposite side of the road if the median is over 4 feet wide or 2 feet tall, is that it is illeagle for the bus company to make the kids cross that kind of street. Now your standard two lane road, both sides stop. whtever your local laws, use caution around school busses and children.
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