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The X-Grip Phantom UC Kit

Finally, the long awaited Phantom X-Grip UC Kit.

I have been developing these for some time now and with the help from some testers and input from people on here and other forums i have finally got the bugs worked out.

At this time i only have 4 that have been tested but will have more soon. These are custom made by hand by me, and tested by a team i manage The GunslingeR MonkeyS. Since these are mounted and field tested i cannot sell them as "new". I do this to make sure that when you receive the kit it will perform as it should since they are custom made by hand and not mass produced to specs on a CNC.

They are made from 1-3/4'' stock and are 3'' long, with grooves for a comfortable grip and an internal return spring for a clean look. I also have put grip tape in the side grooves for extra grip when things get messy, and wet on those rainy days. They are made from PVC plastic which is very light and durable. I would like to do them out of Delrin but that would raise the price and my goal is to make something affordable for people in todays hard economy. The mount is machined from billet aluminum with the mounting bolt counter sunk for a clean look, and the guide rod from a zinc coated grade 3 bolt for strength and durability. They are raw due to the cost of anno would also raise the price as well, but still gives you the ability to have it anno'd to match your setup and have gorilla tape on the top side to ensure it will not mar the finish on the frame.

X-Grip price is $40 Shipped!

Initial reviews of the prototypes from my testers are in the next post.

I am also offering a Skull Kit for $50 Shipped .


Skull Kit With Eyes:

Skull Kit Without Eyes:

"Custom" Phantom UC kits F/S

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