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Doctor Drew : "But seriously. Most veteran players understand that bunkers are more for working around* not in or behind. Wilson understands this well. He often stands very far back from a bunker- not being constrained by it- but still being protected. Wilson is great at scooting up to a good bunker and playing it effectively, he knows when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.

I, for one, am utterly useless at playing bunkers. I prefer the ninja-fu of standing out in the open. Trickery, cunning, and stupidity are what have served me best in the past. If I get in a bunker- I'm almost certainly toast. (big, slow and clunky). However, Put me on top of or behind a hay bail and then; then, I feel invincible.

Lets talk about working bunkers. Is that an itch I feel?"

aging paintballer : "ah.. finally a doctor answers the 911. I thought I was gonna bleed out, and die right here on this freaking couch.!!!"
(doctor slips in and casually produces a shiny gold coin - spinning lazily in a dazzling light show on the small stage ... aging paintballer quickly slips into a relaxed sleep-like state)
doctor drew: "so, you are having trouble with your bunkers again, I see? .. How are those meds working out?"

aging paintballer : "well doc - I got pretty toasted that first night. But after pissing blue for a week the wife's Ficus lost all of its leaves and looks like it might die soon. I'm afraid if I dope up again, the wife will off me in my sleep"

doctor drew : "haybails - sir!, Have you considered not pissing on the ficus?"

aging paintballer : "But DOC... I thought you said when I had bad bunker dreams to ALWAYS piss on the Ficus"

--- pıɐ-ןooʞ ǝɥʇ ʞuıɹp ʇ,uop---
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