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Maybe the problem is that a Mag lasts too long? It easily outlives its owners, if the average amount of time someone play's paintball is 18 months (1.5 years) and mag is designed to last 20+ years.

Would you bother to buy a new vehicle if you know the one you've got now is going to last nearly forever? I wouldn't, cause I'm cheap and would rather have gas money than car payments. Mag's could be looked at the same way. Great markers, but they don't meet our consumer goods based society. We like to get more, argubaly (sp?) nicer things.

Or may it's the price point. Many players I know went from a cheap Walmart/Canadian Tire marker (sub $100 range) to something high priced ($800+). All mags fall between these prices (execpt the Emag/Xmag).

Mags need to promote themselves more to stores and fields. I've never ever seen a mag being sold in a store. And every store and field owner I've met has some sort of stigma aganist them (shorter range, inefficent, not good in the cold, heavy), which are not true. AGD needs to promote themselves positvely once again, not just relying on word of mouth.
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