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The other thing you can do to combat that would be to load your 10 round tubes with only 8. You'd need to carry more tubes though. For my regular play phantom, I have a 15. For my micro-mini, I'm looking for a 10, or may just cut down a 15 to 12 as well.
Depends on that Phantom's setup, my Micro-Phantom has a rear drop-out charger, the 10 round tube is about 1.5" shorter than the drop out, a 15 round tube would be about 1.5" longer than the drop-out charger. Not sure what look like best or how it would feel with a 12 round tube (and that might cause issues with changing out the 12g's). I might talk to MOngo about a 12 or 13 round one piece feed tube when I get the Duckslide.
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