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FS: Good Beginner/Intermediate RC Helicopter

Ok, this thing kicked my *** and I don't really have the patience necessary to learn how to effectively fly this thing, so it's got to go.

Heres whats included:
EFlite Blade CP Helicopter with box/instructions/Battery/Charger.
- EFlite Aerobatic Enhancement Kit
- EFlite Crash Kit (minus main rotors)
- EFlite Training Gear Set
- EFlite Spare Rechargable Battery NIMH I believe? will check and Update

Helo has roughly 10 minutes of use, and it was never "crashed" perse, but while attempting forward flight indoors, one of the main rotors hit a display rack and dinged it (they're made out of balsa wood covered in high gloss plastic sheeting) so I used the spare main rotors from the Crash Kit and haven't powered it up since. I think I got in over my head and figure I should at least try and get something for it, before I fly it into a brick wall or something. Everything is in pristine condition, except for the original blades which I tossed.

Price for everything: $150.00 (shipping included in US, buyer can opt for insurance as his/her expense). Helo alone retails for $249.00 so I believe that to be a fair price seeing as there are almost $100.00 worth of accessories/extras included.

Primary -
Secondary(work) -
*Will gladly provide references upon request, method of payment can either be Paypal or Money Order, buyers choice*
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