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No job too big or too small

I happened upon Jcurt by chance after a purchased marker showed up in my mailbox in 2 pieces... the frame screws had pulled out of the body.

After a long discussion (which he willingly took part in, even though this was such a small job), he agreed to do the job the way I wanted it done.

He never made me feel like I was being outlandish with my request for perfection on such a simple repair, he had prompt replies from PM's, and although it would have been much quicker over the phone, the whole project came together in a timely manner.

The marker; a 2k freeflow, now has 2 beautiful CCI phantom stainless steel 10-32 inserts which I know will never wear out. Jcurt did an impeccable job putting them in and integrating them-- IVG enters flawlessly, frame is perfectly centered, inserts are perfectly flush with the body.

Jcurts attention to detail, especially on such a "minor" project, is a true reflection of the pride he takes in his work. I am truly impressed, and look forward to the possibility of working with him in the future (he, on the other hand, may not.. ).

Thanks Jcurt, for such good work, and for not making me feel completely neurotic.

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