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Even though there was a time when EVERYONE was trying to get some product into the paintball market, I still think it's too bad that Winchester put their name on those. After their long and honorable tradition, shaping much of American history with their famous firearms, they ought to have chosen something a tad more lasting and impressive. My father had a wall full of old antique lever action Winchesters, some in long-forgotten calibers. I think a KP-type paintball rifle would have been a better choice to carry the Winchester bloodline.

Talking about companies getting into I never knew about until recently was Gerber (the knife co, not the baby food). I picked up a Splat Gear CO2 pouch that was NIB. It was a subsidiary brand name of Gerber, and had all Gerber's literature and website on the back. Well, that portion of the company is now gone, just thought it was interesting.
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