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Fanky's Purge Sale

I haven't been out paintballing in quite a while, and all of this has just been sitting around. I need money for parts for this,
this, and this, and I'd rather see my gear put to use than sit in a closet. Everything is sold as-is and described as accurately as possible. Prices are OBO and shipped (Flat Rate USPS) in the 48 states. I prefer PayPal, but I can take check or money order as well. Don't have any pictures right now, but I'll have some up in the next day or two. I'll be adding stuff as I go through all of it, so check back throughout the week. If you buy more than one of the larger items, I can drop the price a little bit, or we can work out a deal.

Tippmann Pro-Lite: Bought it as an ex-rental. Cleaned it up and put a few new parts on it where needed. It has a slight hiss out of the valve last I checked, I'm thinking it just needs a seal. Used it at an all-day scenario and it worked great. 55 shipped.

Tippmann Pro-Carbine: Another ex-rental. Haven't even cleaned it, only hooked a tank up to it and dry-fired it. Cycled fine. I can go through it before I ship it if you'd like. 55 shipped.

NW Spitfire II: Shoots around 220, needs new springs. I had it apart a while back, and just have to put it back together. Has two holes in the bottom of the Lonestar grip where I tried putting a bottomline on, but I think I've got a spare Eurogrip with a bottomline that can go with it. 60 shipped.

Dragunfly Autococker clone: Started turning this one into a pump, and lost interest. 35 shipped.

Brass Eagle Tigershark: Old style, solid plastic, not one of the transparent ones. Shoots great. Have a bunch of parts from one of the transparent ones I can throw in with it. 30 Shipped.

Spyder Compact: Might need a little work done to it, cycles with paint, but doesn't dry-firing. Comes with an extra WGP double finger frame. 30 shipped.

PMI Black Maxx: Same deal as the Compact, only cycles with paint. 30 shipped.

Bag 'O Spyder Imagine: Took the dremel to this one a while back. I've got all the internals for it, just need to find them. Great for spare Spyder parts. 20 shipped.

PMI Pure Energy 68/3k fiber tank: In hydro until April 2010. The pin on the regulator sticks on occasion when you take it off a marker, and the gauge sticks, but I used it for most of a season and didn't have any issues filling throughout my days playing. Comes with a Dye cover. 40 shipped.

3.5 oz CO2 tank: Works great. 25 shipped.

Empire sound-activated hopper: Has a small chip out of the neck, but works fine. 30 shipped.

ICD AlleyCat/Thundercat parts kit: Complete minus the cocking lug. 10 shipped.

I've also got a bunch of Dye Locklids and other pods, 10 round tubes, speedcaps, and other odds and ends. I'll keep adding things as I go through it all. I try to ship out the same day or next day after I get your payment, but I'm plugging away 18 credits this semester and working 30+ hours a week, so there might be a little delay.

Here's a pic of what I've dug out so far. Sorry for the crappy quality, all I've got is my phone camera. I need to find my allen wrenches to put a front block on the Compact and get the pump handle back on the Spitfire. I've got a lot more odds and ends to go through yet.

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