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Tips for Pistoleros...

MCB's very own AgentSmith has been instrumental in me getting back into using pistols again. My first gun was a PGP and 90% of my guns after that were sidearms. No matter what fancy Cocker I picked up, I always found myself returning to the simplicity my pistol roots...

Practice reloading paint and air on the move.

Maintaining mobility is critical when you limit yourself with a ten round magazine. If you are proficient with reloads and have good field awareness, you'll never feel outgunned.

Know how many shots you have left in your magazine and how much air iin that 12gram.

You absolutely MUST keep track of this. When the time comes for you to do something decisive, you don't want that gun running out of air or paint.

Buy a holster.

You're a lot more maneuverable if you have two free hands...

Check your paint.

This one is straight out of Smith's book. The night before you hit the field, prep your paint as well as your gear. Take the time to examine each ball for roundness and consistency. This really pays dividends when you absolutely have to make "that" shot. If it sounds super anal, remember that you've chosen to place a handicap on yourself and you need to give yourself all the advantages you can.

I think that I've covered most of the fundamentals, but if anyone here has something good to contribute, by all means share it...

Here's some good reading for you gun slingers:
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