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Originally Posted by mike31c View Post
I found this to be a useful tactic on Speedball -->

Charge straight at them. They usually either:

1) Ignore you since you are "only using" a pistol and they consider you a low priority target or

2) Totally scare the crap out of em

Either way, you can plunk them out at their ten when they become distracted and all that.
This reminds me of the last time I paintballed in California at Hollywood Sports. My buddy Kenny (Wanderlustre) and I got our team all whipped up for a suicide charge down the left tape. I had my trusty PGP and he was totaing his PMI-1. Everybody was jumping up and down, beating their chests, and screaming. The whistle blew and we all broke out as hard and as fast as we could. Unfortunately, our team thought better of things halfway there and all took cover somewhere while Kenny and I continued our rush. There was a small group of renters, just standing out in the open. They stared wide eyed as Kenny and I bore down on them. Rather than raise their guns and shoot an easy target, they turned their backs and ran! Moments like that make getting shot twenty times totally worth it....
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