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Im going to go with #9 being a younger Eric Felix.
I may be wrong though but heres some EF info.
He was an early Sudden Death team member, early Ironman (during their 5 year reign), early Image, early GBD, and some others. He's an accomplished Martial Arts expert.
He coached Dynasty and XSV to successes.
PGI Magazine named him Player of the Year in 99 or 2000.
That year he made the finals on two different teams 5/10 man at World Cup.
His father is a producer and shot the camera work in "Push", an old school vid.
He's started up a few PB fields here in SoCal in the last 5 years but they didnt last for different reasons.
His main profession has always been running a hair salon in Beverly Hills.
Dude probably scores like mad..

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