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Just want to praise my new pistola

I have an UMS modded tac8.

I got this thing to turn around for a bit of profit. (used to be doglb's help me out with pics if you can) Unfortunately I took it out to play with and so my profit is gone. This thing is a keeper. I am very pleased with the preformance. +/- 3 over the chrono for the first 8 on a 12g. I had tried these in the store and didn't like them at all because you basically had to pull out the magazines. Real tough to switch and a pain in the buttock. However now that i see them with co2 in them they actually fly out of the grip with that PSSST sound I used to love from the 12g pumping days.

Overall this is the best pistol I have used and I have had 2 squalls and 1 stroker. I'd take this anyday for pistol play. As a bonus I got the gun with all the mods and 5 magazines for about $150 less than a new squall.
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