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I can agree with your statement drum, I've been trying somethng new so that I may feel "one" with my pistol-I have noticed that if I am more worried about getting pelted by balls then I have a bad tendency to miss my shots. Me and my son have been practicing different drills. He'll charge me with his Piranah just unloading balls at my position, when I focus 100% on my target and dont worry about whats coming down range-I am usually able to place a great shot into his upper torso, however when I "panic" more about getting hit I usually miss-if I am playing with my Nellie-

now semi-auto is similar, I waste more paint "spraying and praying" that I hit him, but if I focus on the target I can get a few great placed shots into him.

I kind of got to drown out whats a round me for a split second to get a good shot-the drills definetly help though
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