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I understand what you're saying, I do. And I'm thankful for any argument, it helps my thinking as it reflects my internal debate.

But I've compared the power tubes, and I don't really buy into a huge difference.

Generally speaking, I always have preferred a hinge trigger to a slider. I don't know that I care on a stock class gun, though. I call this a wash.

The phantom internals are anti-kink, and I don't know that I think the fluting is a huge selling point, either. I've always preferred Bushmaster internals to Lapco or CCI. In general, any difference in internals is only going to create much difference for efficiency. So far as that goes, I know what's reported for a ghost, I know what I've seen from phantoms. It's close enough that I don't care.

I've decided that I prefer the Stainless Steel hose with QD for convenience, but I'm a huge fan of hardline for cosmetics. No advantage there for either.

I very much prefer the side pump arm to the Phantom rod style. But then, I really prefer the double arm style of Bushmasters. But for stock class, I don't care so much anyway. And the pump rod doesn't have a thumbscrew to come loose. So it's a wash.

The phantom, for a nelson based gun, is really a nightmare to disassemble. Especially for a VSC. So, score to the Ghost there.

The ghost only comes with a 14 inch barrel. I really want a shorter barrel. Annoying, but not a huge issue.

The ghost has a ball detent. But phantom detent rings work well. Neither has an appropriately sized barrel for a stock class gun, or this wouldn't be an issue anyway.

The phantom has stainless inserts. The ghost gets stripped out. Score phantom.

There are very few ghosts. But I intend to get a custom colored phantom, which you can't get in a ghost. On the other hand, this will make the phantom more expensive than the ghost. Perhaps a slight advantage to the ghost here.

Just as an aside, what in the world is with the black feed blocks and the black stocks that come with ghosts? It's not enough to put me off of them, but it just.. should match the rest of the gun.

Oh. And does anyone know what the deal is with the year? I've seen some that say 2008, some that say 2009.. Will mine say 2010 if I order it now?
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