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Yea, if you bought a Ghost brand new now, it would have a pretty aluminum matching feedblock, not a black one. Mine came with one of those but I replaced it with a clear CCI feedblock and a shorter feedtube. Personally I'm glad the stocks are black, I think they would look really odd with silver stocks.

For barrels, it's not too hard to find things to fit the Ghost. J&J's fit perfectly as do PPS barrels, and you could also put a Stiffi MF in there I believe (from what I can tell by talking to Site Mfg. about it). Or you could get just about any machinist to turn down any other common aluminum, Spyder threaded barrel on a lathe - CP, Lapco, whatever you want.

IMO the Ghost also has a cleaner look overall with all of the screws being hidden besides the thumbscrews (and the feedblock screws and the ones for holding the stock on, which sort of have to be left exposed), and I love the grey/black/brass combo. The trigger is also a lot nicer and I find the frame more comfortable, and the pump stroke feels smoother and a touch lighter too. There isn't that much of an efficiency difference, but there is one. And a lot of people say the Ghost is a lot louder than a Phantom - well honestly that isn't really true. The Ghost definitely is louder, but it isn't that big of a difference. The Ghost is still pretty quiet, even with the stock 14" Bigshot (which hardly counts as being a ported barrel).

And the Ghost's ball detent is sooo much more hassle-free than detent rings. It's really nice to just be able to load some air and paint into the gun and shoot, without having to worry about sizing the rings to the paint to make sure they don't roll out. It's also really nice to be a bit more unique at the field than the average Phantom owner .

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