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Originally Posted by Shane-O

Barrel length, 18"

Ball capacity: 27-28 balls

Another part of the story I forgot to mention, It is possible that Tim MacMurray built it for Benjamin Sheridan.
The current owner will research it more when he can.

Zerochance: Just go by the shop and see it for yourself, next time your up this way........

Thanks for the head's up. I've been wondering about that beast since the first time I saw the pic. I credited having seen it on Mcarterbrown but I think I may be mistaken, I may have seen in on PGPOG. Memory isn't what it used to be. I do remember discussing it on mcarterbrown.

Tim MacMurray is pretty easy to get along with. An email sent his way would probably confirm their involvment with this interesting and appearently unique marker. Glad to see that it has survived unaltered all this time. Obviously it is in good hands.

I'll have to pop by next time I'm up that way. I'll probably be attending a scenario game or two with the 24th there abouts later this year.
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