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Building A Regulator

Here is one of the build logs I've been promising for a few months now. I ended up with a regulator that had a damaged body and needed repair. It turned out the damage was irreparable, and it kind of went from there. This project ended up being a bit more involved than I expected, and proved to be a valuable learning experience...

Before beginning, I drew up some plans to give me an idea of where I was heading, throughout the course of the project the plans became a little more detailed and specific until I eventually ended up with this...

I started off by turning the top section of the reg to rough dimensions, boring out the inside, and drilling the internal airway. I added an o-ring seat and tapped the hole.

On the top of the body (after cutting the male ASA threads with a single point tool) I drilled into the top of said male end, and ran into my first complication...

Rather than using an end mill as I had originally planned, i got lazy and just used a standard drill bit... then proceeded to overshoot my depth and punch into the internal air chamber

my solution to this was drilling the hole to size, threading it, and making up a plug to seal it

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Building a Brass Regulator

Brass CCM Accessories Build Log

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