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After much pulling of hair I have a couple of things sorted out that were causing me grief.

These are all things that I have been working for a while that have not been giving me any love at all. From not beeing able to reach people to getting no response from people at all.

Valves are ordered and will be here in about 2-1/2 weeks. This was a bit of a testing issue on my end. I wanted to be sure the new valves would fit and work correctly in this application. As of right now all new DSGs will have CCM SS25 valves. Moosepatrol helped me out with testing and took his DSG1 from 25 shots/12gram to 32-34 shots/12gram. Higher quality valve, easier for you all to get, higher efficiency, MUCH more consistent in manufacture due to CCM's great quality.

Grips are ordered. Been working on this for 5 weeks!!!! What a royal pain in the arse to get some response. They will be shipping out in 10 days, they are back ordered. Add another 8-10 to get to me.

Barrels, I ordered and payed for these first of december. They were not sent to the supplier with the order they placed, and since then smart parts closed its doors. Fusionguy is still working on getting them for me, and he and I have not given up on them. I'm going to call another supplier that may or may not have stock on them.

I posted this up now because this has reached the point where things will get delayed. The manufactured parts should all be finished this week, but the valves and grips are going to delay things a bit. I will keep you updated on the barrels
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