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3357 spotmarker latch tension trick

Well, I just thought I'd pass this on, if anyone has had a similar problem..maybe you've already figured this out, but I thought I'd share. I had a "droopy latch" on my 3357, which let the barrel tip forward with very little effort. I disassembled the marker, and found that under the latch, there was a small black rubbery/waxy block, obviously desgined to keep upward pressure on the small lever. Age had deteriorated it, and it didn't have any spring left to it. (speaking of which, why didn't they use a small spring to begin with...I don't know..anyhow) So, I pulled it out. I improvised, and took one of those common pink or white small rubber block erasers, and using a sharp xacto knife, cut a small rectangle approximately the same size of the old black block. I tried a tan colored gum/art-eraser first, but found it crumbled too easily. I cut 2 or 3 to get the right size and amount of pressure, and trimmed to fit. Works great now.
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