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Blazer or Mag or Sniper????

Well next marker purchase is in the works, question is what do I want.
I can get a older rf Blazer for a good price or I may get a classic style Mag or a MiniMag with extra to pick up some barrels and Mag stuff.
I own a Stroker so my Palmeritis is sated for the time being. Besides the obvious what are the performance differences between a Stroker and Blazer, ROF, accuracy, air usage, etc.
Now I got to use a Mag for a bit when they first came out and I did like it but didn't know much about what made it tick. I am thinking about getting one just because of it being oldschool and what high praise it usually receives.
What kind of problems will I be looking forward to with the Mag if any and how dependable are they?
Now I was also thinking of scratch building a Sniper from a Cocker body and parts or converting an older Cocker. I pretty much know what is instore for me here.
If I was rich I wouldn't have a problem since I would have multiples of all three.
Just looking for input from anyone with some opinions or info on any of the markers. Palmers and the Mag questions would be a great help.
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