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What sort of other issues were you running into?

Well if thats the case I'll make my own custom pump, so no harm no foul to the original, and tweak it to where I like it. It can still have a bumper (adjustable as well now) or somesuch to keep from burping. Doesn't mean we can't have a adjustable pump. Still gunning for that idea. Now the double pump arm is a bonus to me haha.

And odds of getting a grey spirit....well very small. Id rather do it my way which seems to everyone rather thick headed but then again can't read someone else's mind. And I'm not the sort to have a neatly labeled diagram for people to read without having a ghost in my hand to work with.

But please anyone with thoughts or concerns please mention them, in regards to design and not a "well they didn't try to do it so why should you" should be brought up as this helps me with the design.

P.S. As the wave of the day is, all pump arm designs mentioned above are patent pending
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