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Originally Posted by CCmachinist View Post
I would be willing to bet the lost sales to Tiberus was minimal . The people
that bought the Pepperball SA8 would not have bought the Tiberus @ $200.
Did this prompt the serious buyers who were considering buying a T8? Yes.
I do believe this will be a positive thing for the T8. More people will see them and use them which may prompt even more sales. Hopefully for Tiberus.
well id have to sort of agree...

put me in the ... was gonna buy a $250 players packaged 8.1...
was hard for me to buy this one... was determined for the 8.1 but $250 was tough to chew on for a secondary marker.....

however for $100 there will be one sitting in my new specops vest i will be ordering this week!!!!!!!!
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