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Originally Posted by Evil View Post
As a note Tiberius or at least the employees manning the phones seem to be more than a little upset with Pepperball

I have my suspicions as to why....and may explain why Pepperball is selling these SA8's at clearance price. Tiberius may be unhappy about losing a contract. If you look at the rest of Pepperball's product line, they are all Tippmann markers. Obviously, a well established market partnership, that could be further expanded upon. Now with the advent of the Tippmann TPX, which occupies the same magazine-fed, personal carry size niche' as the Tac 8/SA8, they may very well be adopting it into the Pepperball lineup once they've unloaded the last of their tiberius models. Don't forget, Pepperball once sold the Zeus type pistols as the personal-sized mag fed option. Then blew them out at cheap prices. Not unheard of to change models entirely.

Just a hunch.
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