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Originally Posted by ferret15 View Post
Tough Love, let us figure out a mod for one. It appears that if we tap for a screw and can get a hold of the internal of the T-8's relief internals we may be able to figure something out.
I don't think this will work without a new back block. The SA-8 is a deeper block, and the geometry is completely different. T8 has a brass adapter that threads in, SA-8 is just a plug. Lighter, shorter spring is probably your best bet without basically milling a new block.

Originally Posted by trueblue View Post
What about putting in a whole new back block? This coming from someone who has not owned and knows nothing about Tiberius products at this particular time. Is it possible to locate, say a T8 block with the necessary internals and replace it onto the SA-8?
I don't think that'll work either but that was next on my list to check. T8 backblock is held on by 2 screws vs 4 on the SA-8 if I recall correctly from taking it apart the other evening.
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