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Tips for sa-8 owners

ok so if you havn't already seen this thread LOOK AT IT ALREADY.
Tiberus Pistol $99 -

this is the x7og thread.
new $99 tac-8

or the a5og thread

new $99 tac-8

this is a sa-8

the sa-8 is 99% the same as a t8 but it has some differences. it's velocity is turned way up, the barrel is longer, it comes in either blue or orange, and the velocity screw is supper sensitive.
Originally Posted by drg View Post
I know how to chrono a gun. The difference between 240 fps and 350+ fps is 1/4 of a turn.
this quote is true to an extent. you won't jump 90fps with every turn. just when it is at 240 or so.


this is the most critical step. your sa-8 will be shooting at 350+ fps. out of the box.

what you will NEED.

a CRONOGRAPH this is VERY IMPORTANT. If you don't own one either try to borrow one(like I did) or go to your local field and use theirs. this is to be safe and get your efficiency up to 2.5 mags (20 shots)per 12gram.

a 3/16 allen wrench

some paintballs. caution as soon as you fire paintballs you have voided your warrenty. therefore I reccomend that before you use paintballs you load up both mags with the blue practice rounds that came with your sa-8.these will not void your warrenty so if there is a problem with your gun you can still send it back. after the first 2 mags fell free to void the warrenty if you want to.

12grams (btw all of the 12grams in the 2nd picture were used cronoing the gun)

both mags.

prehaps the t8 manual.

to addjust the velocity turn clockwise to increase the velocity or counterclockwise(left) to decrease the velocity.

the back of the gun

if you find that your gun isn't fireing either you are out of co2 or the velocity screw is too loose. to correct this pop the mag out turn up the velocity and then reinsert the mag. don't try to turn it up while the mag is still in the gun(if your gun isn't fireing that is. if it is fireing then feel free to turn it up while the mag is still in the gun just make sure to keep the gun pointed in a safe direction at all times.)

crono your gun down to 270fps.

now you are dealing with co2 here so when you finish the first 8 rounds DON'T immediatly load the same mag up and shoot is again. the co2 will be very cold. cold co2 means low velocity,low pressure,and fewer shots. so use the other mag instead and/or use the palm of your hand to warm up the cold 12gram.

also co2 tends to spike in velocity so make sure that is is low enouf to stay under 300fps.

I havn't tried this yet but I will soon.
Originally Posted by kelebay
The two balls falling out when you eject tha mag is normal, the reason it does this is because of the distance between the mag to the barrel, they are not touching, therefore, some balls do stay in between, falling out when you eject the mag.

In regards teo the efficiency, I would turn you velocity down a bit and see if that helps. Also, you can try polishing the internals, I've got about a 4-5 shot increase from that. How To: Polish Internals - Tiberius Arms Forums

over all I am pleased with my sa-8 I havn't gotten to use it in a game yet but I will soon.

now if you own a sa-8 (or a tac 8) and have a tip for others please POST IT UP.
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