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Originally Posted by Mod Mod-a-gain View Post
I'm waiting on the prototype to be finished and will test several different materials. Oh, and thanks for the thought on the metal hand. I hadn't considered that. ( To focused on just seeing if I could pull the cylinder off.) Guess I might have figured it out in R&D, but now I can just but it into the plans.
I have wanting to do this for a long time just no money and no time to do it. And plus you got the connections . Any way when your proto come off the mill make sure to give us lots of pics and a user reveiw.
Originally Posted by Robertsr View Post
Do you mean big as in fat or big as in long? I have a nice fat one, but it's only 5 inches long or so.
Originally Posted by duff muffin View Post
We need more female advice on MCB, there's too much testosterone sometimes...

Bring her bacon! haha

Whatever you do, be cool and good luck.
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