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1992 Autococker - inline reg necessary?

My 1992 autococker has stock internals. I took off the inline reg and replaced it with a stabilizer (don't want to deal with internal adjustment).

But, yesterday, I tried chronoing it using just direct braided line that screws into the vert ASA (scavanged off of my F4). My powersource is regulated HPA at 750 psi, and I know that this cocker was designed to run on CO2 which is normally 500-800 or so in normal temperatures, and that the stock inline was added to the cocker design later in the 90s.

Using just the gas-through, and all other things being equal, I found that I could either get 260 FPS or 300 FPS+, but had a hard time getting the 270-280 that is ideal for the field where I play regularly (their limit is 280).

If I use a PPS Stabilizer as teh inline reg, will I be able to get more consistent velocities? Or, will I just be adding to my frustration due to having one more component to adjust?
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