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This project can only be done (easily) with the WGP SF frame.

The SF frame is uniquely designed with a Non-traditional sear and X-way plate linkage. The sear and the x-way plates are linked together such way that when the Ram hits the assembly it drops the both the sear and activates the x-way plate at same time.

A stock pneumatic Ram lives inside the frame positioned vertically so that when the MSV pressurizes it, it Fires the piston upward.

Here is a picture of the Festo Noid separated from the Ram.
The body of the Ram is made of Aluminium and the bullet-shaped piston is made from delrin.

Unlike Clippards MPA3, the stock Ram is very simple; no return spring at all. It's just the body and the piston with a single O-ring. You end up needing less energy to move the piston. An very cleaver design.

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